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The Infrared Figure Workshp, UC Santa Cruz Extension, Santa Cruz CA, Sept 2000

This class was taught at the UC Santa Cruz Campus by Ted Orland, Saelon K Renkes, David Bayles, and Brigitte Hoy Carnochan. We worked in the blacksmith shop, around the equipment barn and the creek that runs in the area. As I was notified at the last minute that I was part of the class I didn't have IR film to shoot with. Instead I used my Nikon CoolPix with an IR filter to take most of these images. This made it hard to use the indoor lighting setup as there is no PC connection or hotshoe on this camera.

I got good results with this IR setup. I was lucky the camera still worked at the time as it had dropped int he water. I was surprised it still worked, but it also had an added advantage of giving a real nice diffusion/fog affect that mimics Kodak's old IR film.

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