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Mt Diablo Photography Workshop, Mt. Diablo State Park, Walnut Creek CA, May 2001

Mt Diablo (3849 feet) is one of 4 high peaks that surround the San Francisco Bay. Mt Diablo is a state park that is found in the East Bay near to Walnut Creek and Concord. The view from the peak will show you 40,000 square miles, at least 35 of California's 58 counties on a clear day. On a good day you are supposed to be able to see Mt Lassen to the North and Mt Whitney to the south, on this day I was only able to see to the Sacramento Delta.

Digital images from the Nikon 950. The B&W images are taken with an infrared filter over the lens to record more of the reflected infrared light. Leaves and grass reflect lots of IR and the sky very little.

Oak Grove[field_cropped_1]
[Pan] Oak Grove[field_cropped_1]

Oak Grove[noblex1]
[Pan] Oak Grove[noblex1]

Old oak tree[noblex2]
[Pan] Old oak tree[noblex2]

Wild flowers in the field[noblex3]
[Pan] Wild flowers in the field[noblex3]

Wild flowers and rocks[noblex4]
[Pan] Wild flowers and rocks[noblex4]

Mt Diablo hillside[noblex5]
[Pan] Mt Diablo hillside[noblex5]

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Photographer in Oak Grove