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Wind farms, Altamont Pass CA, Dec 2001

This wind farm is above Livermoore. This is the first time I have actually stopped to look around and actually experience how strong the wind is here at the pass. These images are from a road that runs parallel to the freeway that is just over the hills to the south.

My first experience with a wind farm was in going to Palm Springs. As you come over the pass from Los Angeles and head down the hill you start to see the windmills. Here they are arrange in rows and are of a consistent type. The effect of all these moving blades in rows and covering a wide are of your view is almost like being on the ocean. It is a little dizzying to see all these machines turning in unison.

Altamont Pass has less of a dizzying effect. I think this is because the pattern is harder to see because of the rolling hils and you never get an overall view of the field like you do outside Palm Springs.

[Pan] [pan-wind1]

[Pan] [pan-wind2]

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