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National Museum of the United States Air Force, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base OH, Nov 2008

This place is huge! It is packed with lots of planes and lots of information. This was my second visit after about 5 years. They have made many changes in that time. One surprise was that you are allowed to use a tripod. These images were taken hand held at 1600 ASA so they are grainy. In addition to the main museum area there are some planes on display outside and there is a second area where the Presidential Planes and Experimental Models are on display in hangers. Access to this area is limited. You either have to take the museum bus over that runs every hour or you can drive over if you have a military ID. In addition to this on Friday's you can get a tour of the restoration area where they are currently working on the Memphis Belle. Also in the area are sites dedicated to the Wright Brothers efforts in the area. You could easily spend a couple of days seeing all the aviation related sites in the area and all parts of this museum.

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Wright 1909 military flyer with Caquot type R observation balloon above